Release date:09/09/2014
Label:Nebular Carcoma Records
Limitation:100 copies


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  • 1.
    Ouroboros of the Worm06:19
  • 2.
    Stringed by the Devil's Kiss05:05
  • 3.
    Smoke Arises from a Funeral Pyre03:51
  • 4.
    Sermon of the Sinner04:34

The Review

Vuimago is a two member band from the Netherlands that if I have understood correctly it was formed just in order to release the creations of its two members that they couldn’t fit in any other of the bands that the members have or play in. So then after the release of “Vurahva” were disbanded. In their demo release they present four compositions of overall duration of about twenty minutes. The music that the listener come across is filthy, primitive and harsh Black Metal with all of the characteristics that someone would expect to listen in such a release.

More thoroughly, the riffs are heavy, dirty, absolutely minimalistic and quite repetitive. The atmosphere is dark while the only sentiment that comes out from the music is hatred. Regarding the riffs there are two – three good ideas which are lost as the repetitive structure, the dirty sound and the several uninspired riffs are drowning everything good that may exist in the compositions. One of the main problems that make the listen difficult and surely they annoy the listener is the very bad sound. It is usual in such kind of releases the production to be awful and the mixture to be absent, but in this album the bad sound doesn’t let the listener to even listen. The music is transformed into a monotonous noise that after a few minutes it is becoming annoying.

The instruments are following the same style with the album too. The guitars have a very dirty noisy sound, their technic is non-existent, while when the listener manages to listen to the lines that the guitars play, he will find mistakes. The bass isn’t audible at all. Maybe the drums are the only instrument that is stable, it doesn’t have any mistakes and with a little effort the listener can listen to all its lines. Regarding its lines though, they are quite repetitive and they don’t achieve to save the album. The vocals are too low in the mix, while they are violent, dark, heavy Black Metal vocals that although they show that they could offer things to the composition they are almost inaudible. Finally, the lyrics are written in English and they are not contained in the promo that I received.

As you have understood by everything written above, “Vurahva” is a demo that it can’t offer anything to the listener. Apart from the problems that it has regarding the sound, the ability of the band to compose is at a very low level. It is a demo that will soon be forgotten as well as this particular band. I don’t think that it worth to bother with this one. Avoid.