Release date:01/12/2009
Label:Sun & Moon Records

Collision of the Worlds

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  • 1.
    Day I (With the Sunrise)02:28
  • 2.
    Day II (Inhale - Exhale)06:24
  • 3.
    Day III (Onslaught)10:13
  • 4.
    Day IV (On the Edge)05:27
  • 5.
    Day V (She Is Forgotten)06:27
  • 6.
    Day VI (Collision of the Worlds in Your Mind)06:14
  • 7.
    Day VII (Stairway to Heaven)02:39
  • 8.
    Theme of Laura (Akira Yamaoka cover)03:37

The Review

Windbruch is an one – man band from Russia which was formed in 2009 and “Collision of the words” is their first release (2009). When I opened the six – page booklet I didn’t find the lyrics but several photos of landscapes, he wants to create images before you even listen to the album.

Continuing with the music part of the album, you can understand by the first note what you are going to listen to, slow, melancholic Black Metal which aims to create images, feelings, maybe also to awaken memories. I have to confess that he succeeds that in a quite big level. The riffs are long, slow, repetitive and well played and whereas the tracks are big in duration and without many changes I didn’t get bored in any part. The bass is also elaborate and fills the sound very well. I don’t know if the drums come from a drum machine but they are quite good without ever playing the leading role and without many tempo changes. The role that they play though they play it correctly. Also sounds really worked of nature like rain, rustling leaves, crickets etc are used frequently, thing that makes even more intensive the images that he created. The vocals are harsh, obscure but very expressive Black Metal vocals that maybe they put out feelings of despair, intense loneliness feelings that are not created by the music and I think that the vocals don’t match the music. However I liked them.

The artist is trying through his work to bring the listener a step closer to nature. The absence of lyrics really worked more efficiently than having the lyrics during listening because I was free to create my own images as I wanted. The production is very clean, every instrument and the sounds can be heard clearly, fact that matches absolutely with the atmosphere and the style of the album. Generally I believe that the seven tracks (the eighth is a cover) are a quite remarkable effort. I can’t say that everyone will like it because it’s not the typical DSBM, nor I can, despite the vocals, to call it Black Metal. But that doesn’t cancel its quality.

Those who liked the description, you’ll like also the album. The rest listen to it before you buy.