Country:United States
Release date:27/05/2010
Label:Autumn Gate Productions
Limitation:222 copies


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  • 1.
    Spring (Consecration)07:33
  • 2.
    Summer (Conjuration)09:15
  • 3.
    Autumn (Manifestation)08:53
  • 4.
    Winter (Banishing)09:50

The Review

WinterRealm is an one – man band from the U.S.A. that formed in 2006. Ouroboros is the the band’s second full-length album that is released in cassette format only, in limited number of copies. The band plays melodic ‘black’ metal that sounds a lot like Dimmu Borgir. We also meet some suicidal influences.

The first track is called spring and it is totally inside the subject, silly melody, mainstream chorus, without creating any sentiment. The guitars are weak, the bass does not exist and the drum – machine is lifeless and without depth. In the second season fortunately the bass is a little higher and that’s doing the drums more tolerable. The track is slow tempo creating some melancholy which is lost because of some silly guitar’s additions. Autumn, the worst season of the album, is full goofy, Dimmu Borgir – like keyboards, soulless guitar’s riffs and with some useless additions of female vocals. The track that deserves some attention is the last track but for sure it isn’t anything wonderful. Doom tempo, heavy guitars and minimal keyboards. The bell’s sound creates the atmosphere or a slow procession of a funeral, a thing that i found very interesting. However, the annoying sound of the keyboards’ was ruining once again the atmosphere and feeling. Also the part with the female vocals ruined anything that had been achieved until then. The vocals are heavy Black and their performance was good in every track. The clean vocals that were used in some parts were disastrous, gutless, scared and without matching the music. One other point i want to mention is the length of the tracks which bored me almost in every track. The lyrics deal with social wanderings and general concerns of the band on life. I found the lyrics quite interesting.

In general this album hasn’t anything to offer and i would suggest you to avoid it. Only for Dimmu Borgir’s fans and that if you have extra money and you don’t know where to spend them…