Arist:Withering Skies
Release date:01/07/2010

Knowledge Through Sorrow

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  • 1.
    My Glorious End05:19
  • 2.
    To Dream and Wither04:42
  • 3.
    When Flesh Denies Its Blood04:57

The Review

Withering Skies is a band from Greece, formed in 2008. Knowledge through Sorrow album is the band’s first effort. The music which is played here by the band is slow with fast passages Black Metal which matches the melancholic, in parts depressive feeling with Greek influences. I can’t say that the result is impressive but it’s quite interesting. The first track begins with a small introduction in French and continues with a slow riff which has the typical heavy, atmospheric sound of the Greek scene, which in some parts becomes clean, sharper sound and reminds of DSBM scene. The second track follows the same style, which is: Greek style riffs with many DSBM additions. In the third track the sound clearly becomes more melancholic – depressive with elements of more modern metal. The production is very clean so every instrument can be heard clearly. The vocals are those heavy, stuffy vocals of the Greek scene which in some parts become clean expressing the despair. In the final track, the vocals are studio processed and reminds of Xastur. Generally they express many different feelings depending on the part, thing that I liked. This demo is a good effort and shows that the band has worked enough and wants to offer. I look forward to their next release.