Release date:16/09/2013
Label:Tenebrd Music
Limitation:300 copies

Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee

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  • 1.
    Grey Wolves Ride03:44
  • 2.
    Pure Transylvanian Style03:07
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Holnap elmegyek...02:46
  • 5.
    Loaded Gun03:48
  • 6.
    Fuck the Jazz!03:23
  • 7.
    Fullmoon Calls04:50
  • 8.
    Whores of Hades03:17
  • 9.
    Sunday Morning Massacre04:16

The Review

Those of you who are following the site, you will surely remember of Siculicidium that I have mentioned many times in the past. So when I saw that Wolfsgrey, which consists of the members of Siculicidium, to release their first full length album in September of 2013, I immediately contacted Tenebrd Music, their label. Well, “Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee” contains nine tracks, the first six are recorded from 2010 to 2012, whereas the rest of them in 2008, lasting for about thirty three minutes. Their music is characterized by the old school influences, the straightforward style which touches the listener and the “spit in your face” attitude.

Musically, Wolfsgrey achieve with simple riffs to create very interesting, straightforward compositions which are nailed into the brain of the listener from the beginning. Their influences and their style is somewhere around the original, old Norwegian Black Metal, Hellhammer – Celtic Frost, Venom, some Thrash and punk references (listen to Holnap Elmegyek) and their biggest influence Bathory. The riffs are harsh and straightforward, other times rhythmic, other times fast and always with the aesthetics of the old school. The tracks are interesting as there are changes throughout the tracks, both regarding the riffs and the pace, their structure is simple and straightforward without any useless cosmetics and their duration is as long as it should be. The above applies to both periods that the band present us that surely they have some differences between them. The main difference is in the sound, which is dirtier in the older tracks and the compositions have more fast parts.

Concerning the instruments, the band has done a nice work. The guitars are somehow harsh and dirty, as much as it is needed so that their sound to match to the style of the compositions but without making the listen difficult. They play their lines with power, accuracy and that old fashioned mania of the old Metal school. The role of the bass is to fill the sound, without that meaning that there hasn’t been done a good job for its lines, simply you won’t listen any solos or anything like that by the bass. The drums are played with power, stability and accuracy, while their lines are interesting but not anything special. The vocals are those unique vocals that we come across also into Siculicidium, harsh and weird, they remind a mixture of Attila, Master’s Hammer and Root. They are very expressive, impressive and they fit to the music very much. The lyrics are written in English and they speak of the wolves, the history of Hungary, but also for other subjects such as Metal and life.

Generally, Wolfsgrey don’t have a lot of differences with the other band of their members, Siculicidium, at least regarding the music. In their first full length album you will find old school Black Metal played with energy and passion. The fans of Siculicidium will surely love this album too. The rest of you it worth to listen to it.