Release date:12/12/2012

Cities of the Red Night

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    Transmigrants and Receptacles02:18
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    Moves and Checks and Slays02:47
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The Review

Recently I receive a lot of mentionable projects from the neighboring Italy. Yass-Waddah is a quite new band coming from Venice that they consist of four members and they were formed in 2011. “Cities Of The Red Night” is their first EP release which was released by the band itself in 2012. So, here we come across five tracks of fifteen minutes of duration. By the very beautiful cover, that the listener must offer some of his time to observe it, someone can understand that the music would be violent and covered in blood. The fifteen minutes of music show that it is a storm that will follow, brief but destructive. The music of Yass-Waddah is exactly that that the listener can assume by the visual cues, that is hyper-speed, violent, full of hatred Black Metal in the vein of old, good Marduk.

There are not too much to say for the music of “Cities Of The Red Night”. Fast, tremolo riffs, that although they are not original, they are very addictive and interesting. The structure of the tracks is just what it should be, straightforward, without embellishments and meaningless prattle, it spits to the listener the riffs with cockiness and vagrancy. The guitars deliver with much passion the violent and hateful riffs, while technically they are perfect. The bass is audible and its lines are impressively fast and quite interesting. Both for the drums they have done a really good job as both the lines are interesting, both the performance is stable, with accuracy and very good technic. The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals that reminded me a lot of Satyricon. They don’t have anything new to offer, but they fit to the music and their expression is quite good. The Production is clean and the sound that it puts out is somehow bass but quite powerful. The mix is awesome as all the instruments are separated and clean, without the one covering the other and at the same time the sound is very massive and bound. The lyrics are written in English but they are not contained in the EP and they are based on the novel of William S. Burroughs “Cities Of The Red Night”.

Generally, “Cities Of The Red Night” is a quite interesting effort, with interesting compositions and very good technic. Surely their style is not anything that we haven’t listened before but I don’t think that this concerns anyone. Everyone who loves the straightforward, hyper-speed Black Metal, with beautiful, interesting riffs in the vein of old Marduk, must get this album. This album satisfied me and I think that it worth at least to listen to it.